The Garage: AKA workshop, office, studio, spare room, playroom, storage area or simply a place to park.Garage4

The garage is one of the uniquely transformable spaces of our home where people can live, work and play.

With Hinman Construction the possibilities are endless:

  • Detached garage: with or without overhead storage or living space
  • Attached or detached garage with the office or master suite above
  • Perhaps a Carriage House built simply or enhanced with  custom features:
    • Enhanced facade
    • Unique garage doors
    • Gable trim details
    • Perhaps a full or master bath, or a kitchenette for an in-law apartment or office
  • Future options available could include conversion of the space to accommodate changes in lifestyle and family size

We can make your garage one of your home’s most useful spaces!

Things to consider when preparing budgets:

  • Wall thickness and finishes
  • Electrical and Plumbing options
  • Door and window styles
  • Storage capacity vs. living space
  • Options for ease of future remodeling and conversion
  • Interior finishes and exterior style and enhancements