The Finishing Touches

Every Top Knobs cabinet knob, drawer pull, hook or fixture is crafted following a rich tradition of quality and attention to architectural detail. You can feel it in the weight of the cabinet knobs and see it in the character of the hand-finished designs.

A solid knob or pull is a solid piece of metal. It feels heavy and rich. It won't easily dent or crease. It's harder to strip because there are threads down the whole depth of the product. Top Knobs mainly makes solid knobs and pulls unless the design intricacies require a zinc formed hollow design, and even then a high-grade thicker zinc alloy is used.


Below is a small sample of the knobs and finishes available from Top Knob. To see these knobs in different finishes, and to see more styles, please visit the manufacturer's catalog.


The pulls below are a preview of the types of pulls available for your cabinetry. To see more styles and finish options, please visit the manufacturer's catalog.